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Leading the charge in the imported alcohol market in conjunction with Asahi Breweries


About US


Satisfying the demand for delicious beer LOTTE Asahi Co., Ltd. was born as HiStar Co., Ltd., an affiliate of LOTTE Chilsung, in July 2000 and is now a affiliated food company within LOTTE Group, responsible for the wholesale distribution of imported liquors.
Most notably, it imports Asahi beer, the brand with the highest market share in the Japanese liquor market. Boasting the best taste and quality, Asahi Beer is an import brand that is widely popular with and

consistently loved by Korean customers as well. Additionally, LOTTE Asahi is introducing a variety of imported liquors, including beer, Japanese sake, and other alcoholic beverages, to satisfy the taste buds of domestic customers. For this, LOTTE Asahi will strive to be a top-class liquor corporation that dominates the domestic imported liquor market.

  • CEOJeong Jae-hark, MIYAMA KIYOSHI
  • Date of foundation2000.7.11
  • Major BusinessWholesale distribution of imported alcoholic beverages (beer, Japanese drinks, other liquors)
  • Address18F, A+ Asset Tower, 369, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul
  • Phone(+82)-2-2143-3246

Major products and services


  • Asahi Super Dry

    A type of beer with a crisp, clear taste from using Asahi's unique yeast, Asahi Super Dry fits well with any dish or type of cuisine and keeps flowing smoothly even after a few glasses.
    Angel Rings, the ring-shaped traces of head that remain on the glass as you drink your beer, provide drinkers with a premium drinking experience.
    Asahi Dry Black, which possesses the same DNA as Asahi Super Dry, is a premium dark lager beer that adds a gentle touch to its clean taste.

  • Prime Rich

    A beer made from 100% aromatic hops, mixed with golden malt, to present a splendid aroma and complex flavor.

  • Okinawa Beer

    This specialty beer brewed in Okinawa, the "Hawaii of Asia," uses hops from three different continents and is extremely fresh, as its creamy head prevents oxidation.

  • Sake
    - Kizakura

    From this manufacturer that has won the grand prize in the nationwide new drink contest in Japan for 13 consecutive years, products including Karakuchi Ikkon, Junmai Daiginjo and Hana Kizakura are imported.

  • Other liquors

    Vodka Sour and Calpis Sour boast pretty, dappled colors and sweet flavors, and are popular among female consumers