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Food LOTTE Chilsung Beverage

Korea's top beverage company, poised to become a global beverage corporation


About US


LOTTE Chilsung Beverage: like water, always there for you Since its foundation in 1950, LOTTE Chilsung Beverage has been widely loved for its outstanding products and trendsetting marketing style. LOTTE Chilsung Beverage has established branches overseas, including in China, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Pakisten, and has been consistently expanding its exports into the North and South American markets and other regions beyond Asia, seeking worldwide growth to become a global beverage company.

The company owns a stake in a number of competitive brands in various categories, including the Korean soft drink "Chilsung Cider," "Pepsi Cola," the creamy soda "Milkis," the high-quality juice "Del Monte," the premium brewed coffee "Cantata," the height of freshness "Trevi," and pink energy drink "Icis 8.0."

LOTTE Chilsung Beverage will be with you, anywhere, anytime.

Founded upon its excellent line of products, outstanding marketing capabilities, and renowned brand strength, LOTTE Chilsung Beverage leads the Korean beverage industry. It operates facilities overseas and exports its products worldwide, as it seeks to grow into a global competitor in the beverage industry. LOTTE Chilsung Beverage will be with its customers, anywhere, anytime.

  • CEOPark Yun Gie
  • Date of foundation1950.5.9
  • Major BusinessManufacturing, wholesale and retail distribution of soft drinks
  • Address269, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
  • Phone(+82)-2-3479-9114

Major products and services


  • Soft drinks

    Chilsung Cider, Milkis, Pepsi Cola, Mountain Dew, Toms Zero

  • Juices

    Delmont Original, Delmont Cold, Lotte Bread Barber Shop, Organic Knipney and Friends

  • Coffees/teas

    Cantata, Cantata Contra Base, Let's Be, Let's Be Cafe Time, Thehada Corn Beard Tea, Thehada Barley Tea, Thehada Burdock Tea

  • Bottled water

    Icis/ECO, Icis 8.0/ECO, Evian, Volvic

  • Sports drinks

    Hot 6, Gatorade, Kkaesukkang

  • Others

    Trevi, 2% Bujokhalttae, Pine Bud drink