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With customer satisfaction as its #1 priority,
LOTTE Liquor analyzes liquor market trends to brew beverages that will warm our customers' hearts


About US


Brewing drinks to warm customers' hearts LOTTE Liquor is an alcoholic beverage manufacturer that produces and sells a variety of products, ranging from soju and beer to whiskey, wine, and refined rice wine (cheongju). Its brands include "Chum Churum," the world's first soju made with alkalinized water, "Kloud," which is made from carefully selected, pure malt and high-quality hops, the clean-tasting "Fitz Super Clear," "Cheongha," which has single-handedly changed cheongju's image, "Baekhwasubok," a must-have for

traditional events, the high-class premium cheongju "Seolhwa," "Seoljungmae," which leads the plum wine market, and the pride of the Korean wine industry, "Majuang."
Even in the international market, LOTTE Liquor has been recognized for its technology and quality, and currently exports an assortment of alcoholic beverages to more than 50 countries worldwide.
LOTTE Liquor will continue to strive to develop and manufacture products that customers covet.

  • CEOPark Yun Gie
  • Date of foundation2009.3.3
  • Major BusinessManufacturing and sale of alcoholic beverages, import and sale of wine
  • AddressLOTTE Castle Gold, 269,
    Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
  • Phone(+82)-2-3459-1300

Major products and services


  • Chum Churum

    World's first soju made from alkalinized water

  • Kloud

    ''Kloud' made of 100% carefully selected pure malt and high-quality hops

  • Cheongha

    Reinvented the image of cheongju

  • Majuang

    The pride of the Korean wine industry