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Contributing to the prosperous life of mankind by
improving corporate values through sound growth.

ESG evaluation

No Group FY 2023 FY 2022
Total E S G Total E S G
1 LOTTE Holdings A A A+ A A A A+ B+
2 LOTTE Chemical B+ A A+ B A B+ A+ A
3 LOTTE Fine Chemical A+ A+ A+ A A A A+ A
4 LOTTE Shopping A A A+ A A A A+ A
5 LOTTE Hi-Mart A A A+ A A A A+ A
6 LOTTE Confectionery B+ B+ A B+ A B A A
7 LOTTE Chilsung Beverage A A+ A B+ B+ A A B
8 LOTTE Data Communication A A A+ A A A A A
9 LOTTE Rental B+ A A B - - - -
10 LOTTE Energymaterials C B B C D D D D
기업지배구조 모범규준과의 차이
Best Practices Recommendations Whether to adopt Remarks
Board of Directors (mostly outside directors) O 5 outside directors / total 9 directors (as of March 2022)
Introduction of regulations on the roles and operating procedures of the BOD and various committees O Disclosure of business report
Holding regular board meetings O Operated at least once every quarter under the principle (extraordinary board meeting held at any time)
Disclosure of details on BOD activity, attendance, and major agenda items (those for and against) O Disclosure of business report
Providing advance information on directors at the time of the board meeting O Providing agenda explanation materials 7 days ago
Introduction of a code of ethics O Enactment of Code of Ethics (as of March 2015)
Role of Outside Director Candidate Recommendation Committee O Right to recommend candidates for outside directors of the company to be appointed at the general meeting of shareholders
Audit Committee (all outside directors) O 3 outside directors / total 3 directors (as of March 2022)
Explanation of the difference from the best practices O Posting on the homepage