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Creating Social Value

LOTTE is expanding its social welfare infrastructure to make the world a better place, and implementing
various aid and support programs to help the socially vulnerable.

Together with Partners
LOTTE is committed to mutual growth
with our partners.

New Markets

  • New Market

    LOTTE uses its distribution infrastructure and overseas network to
    support its SME partners by allowing them to introduce their products to
    foreign customers and enter new markets.

  • K-hit plaza

    K-Hit plaza LOTTE provides exhibition spaces
    at its overseas sites to promote Korean
    SME products.

Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo

  • Home Shopping & Korea Festival

    LOTTE Home Shopping has realized great success in Southeast Asia, including Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam. It operates an overseas market pioneering group to work with Korean SMEs to develop and expand markets together.
    LOTTE Home Shopping introduces small Korean businesses to its foreign buyers and holds exhibitions to promote and sell their products.

  • Korea Festival in Indonesia

    Korea Festival in Indonesia In the 2017 Korea Festival that was held last September in Indonesia, LOTTE Home Shopping held a special Expo for Korean startups. Foreign buyers were excited by the high-quality products of Korean startups sponsored by LOTTE Home Shopping. About 700 export inquiries, valued at 62.5 million USD, were made during the Expo.

Collaboration with Local Farmers

  • Collaboration with Local Farmers

    LOTTE Group strives to support the sustainable growth of local farmers with its unrivaled experience in food and retail industries. In April 2015, LOTTE signed a mutual growth MOU with Korea’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of Korea. According to this MOU, LOTTE has adopted a full-spec purchase system, which buys all products from farmers, regardless of their quality. The purchased products are later divided into consumer goods and raw materials according to quality. In addition, LOTTE Super and LOTTE Mart run local food sections that sell only local farm products, and LOTTE Department Store often holds events to promote high-quality agricultural and marine products. LOTTE Food and LOTTE Chilsung continue to develop new products with popular local specialties, such as Uiseong Garlic Ham and Hyodon Tangerine Juice.
    In order to boost Korea’s rural economy and develop more competitive products, LOTTE cooperates with local governments for the “6th industrialization” of rural areas, which encompasses not only the production and processing of crops but also tourism and training/ experience programs.

  • LOTTE Mart uses its overseas sites to promote the outstanding quality of Korean agricultural products

    LOTTE Mart uses its overseas sites to promote the outstanding quality of Korean agricultural products. It exports onions, mushrooms, strawberries, and other farm products directly to these sites. LOTTE is also the first company to export Korean rice.