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Lifetime Value Creator


A global group creating a better life for all mankind.
LOTTE continues to challenge itself to realize this ambitious dream.

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    LOTTE, Lifetime Value Creator
    adding value to everyone’s lives
    For the past 50 years, LOTTE has been on a journey making the lives of humankind more abundant
    and affluent. Through continuous challenges and innovation in various areas, ranging from food, retail,
    tourism to chemicals, construction and finance, we have grown by delivering joy and excitement to our customers. Also, we have actively pioneered overseas markets to become an undisputed global corporation.

    Now, LOTTE is aiming to take a bigger leap. With the vision of being Lifetime Value Creator that adds value
    to the entire life spectrum of customers, we will create a sustainable future with everyone involved. Based on compliance management and transparency, LOTTE will strive for social value and pursue qualitative growth.

    The birth of the holding company will be our new start. Through the launch of LOTTE Corporation,
    LOTTE will not only strengthen management transparency but also improve shareholder value and solidify
    a foundation for future growth.

    LOTTE Corporation plans to actively cooperate and support affiliate companies in order to improve corporate value and enhance competitiveness. For the group’s sustainable growth in the mid- to long-term perspective,
    we will take the lead in discovering new growth engines and pioneering new markets. We will also strive to improve the brand value of LOTTE, now represented by a new symbol.

    Based on transparent governance, LOTTE Corporation will grow together with customers, shareholders, employees and everyone involved by sharing greater value. We wish for your continued interest and love
    for LOTTE and LOTTE Corporation, your lifetime friend.

    Thank you

    LOTTE Group
    ChairmanDong-Bin Shin

  • Welcome to the official website
    of your lifetime friend, LOTTE.
    Having achieved 50 years of growth through continuous innovations and taking on a countless number of challenges, LOTTE is taking a new leap to become a centennial corporation with the launch of LOTTE Corporation in 2017. Based on social value, we are preparing for a future where
    we coexist with diverse stakeholders surrounding our company.

    LOTTE Corporation will strive to increase the corporate and brand value of LOTTE. For this, we will strengthen core capabilities of affiliate companies, promptly respond to economic changes and discover new growth engines. While striving for the sustainable growth of existing businesses currently operating overseas, we will also actively seek new markets and business opportunities to establish a foundation for long-term growth.

    LOTTE Corporation will further expand the business as a holding company and constantly pursue our affiliates to be listed on domestic and international stock exchanges to improve corporate value. Ultimately, LOTTE aims to become a global corporation with management transparency which will lead to an improvement in shareholder value.

    We will strive continuously to create social value. LOTTE wishes to be the “lifetime friend” of everyone. LOTTE Corporation will prioritize social values that include social contribution, mutual growth, environmental protection and social safety net. We will create LOTTE that is, loved and trusted by customers, partners and society.

    Moreover, LOTTE values individual talents thus creates a corporate culture in which communication is flexible and innovative. We understand that the trust and satisfaction of our employees, the internal customers, will automatically lead to the satisfaction of all interested parties. Together with all LOTTE personnel, we will do our best to become a company that is trusted and relied upon by everyone.

    Thank you. LOTTE Corporation
    CEO,Dong-Woo Lee