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Lifetime Value Creator


A global group creating a better life for all mankind.
LOTTE continues to challenge itself to realize this ambitious dream.


We enrich people’s lives
by providing superior products and services
that our customers love and trust.

The mission of LOTTE

The mission of LOTTE is to establish a foundation and baseline for our business activities.
It plays a vital role in strengthening the pride and unity of our employees and motivating them to work for a united cause.

  • Richness

    “Richness” is the value that LOTTE has
    endeavored to provide our customers with since our foundation, and which distinguishes us
    from our competitors.

  • Contribution

    The value of “contribution” propels LOTTE
    forward to become a group that “customers
    appreciate and depend on, which enriches
    people’s lives.”

  • Expansion

    Comprehensive expressions such as “products
    and services” and “everyone, everywhere” represent LOTTE’s unyielding desire to expand
    our scope of business.