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Platform company creating beneficial value for the success and joy of customers


About US


Creating value for our customers by providing individual, customized marketing services LOTTE Members is a customer-centered platform company that reflects the various needs of customers in membership reward services, advertisement, marketing and mobile payments, and strengthens synergy among | L.POINT affiliate companies, thus making the lives of customers more fun and convenient both online and offline.

39 million L.POINT individual partners utilize their loyalty and easy-payment services for not only LOTTE Group affiliates but also other domestic brands from shopping and finance to education and culture. For corporate partners, it offers professional and distinct consultation services based on big data, including LPAS, consumption and price index, to support increases in practical sales. Consequently, LOTTE Members provides new added value to individual and corporate partners by serving as a direct, P2P (Person to Person) anchor.

In addition, our L.POINT service has spread beyond Korea. It has been achieving notable growth in Indonesia, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian markets by, for example, introducing the L.POINT mobile app, which can be conveniently used to accumulate points not only ​at partnered offline stores in Indonesia but also online and mobile stores, the first of its kind in the history of the industry.

LOTTE Members will continue to collaborate with business partners that possess new technologies such as online finance, sound wave payments and block chains to offer valuable benefits, services and shopping experiences that are perfectly tailored to individuals and corporate partners alike, and, based on the value of coexistence, it will strive to contribute to the mutual growth of members and partnering companies as well as to the sustainable development of local communities. LOTTE Members promises to provide diverse platforms to create beneficial value for the success and happiness of customers based on logical thinking and impartiality. We ask for your undivided attention and support for the new possibilities and challenges of | L.POINT.

  • CEOKim Hye Joo
  • Date of foundation2015.1.5
  • Major BusinessLoyalty service and a mobile payment and digital wallet service by L.POINT / L.Pay
  • Address16, Tongil-ro 2-gil,
    Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Phone(+82)-2-1899-8900

Major products and services


  • Loyalty Marketing and Programs

    38 million L.POINT members account for about 70% of the entire Korean population. Its number of active members, which reaches 21 million annually, is the most in the retail industry, and its magnitude of yearly points transactions reaches 450 billion, No. 1 in the industry. As a leader in rewards, it values L.POINT customers as the greatest competitiveness and the most important asset of LOTTE Members Co., Ltd., and its infrastructure of up to 400,000 partner companies and member stores continues to expand, encompassing the shopping, F&B, finance, airline, energy industry, mobile/wireless, and various other industries, all of which are the most utilized elements of a customer's lifestyle.

  • L.POINT Big Data | L.POINT big data provides various insights for partner companies in combination with unstructured data on the web, social channels, etc. based on the information of more than 39 million customers, purchased product information, transaction information, and location and traffic information. In addition, as becomes more vitalized, it has also procured payment data, which has strengthened the foundation to thoroughly analyze customers' consumer journeys, and this has become LOTTE Group's most essential asset.

  • L.POINT Big Data | L.POINT big data enables LOTTE Members to pinpoint data-driven insights to develop customer-centric solutions for partner companies. In addition to purchased product information, which is customers' behavior data, it aims to procure their recognition data and, for this, has opened a research service called 'Lime' to additionally operate a panel only for L.POINT members and conduct research for predicting new product releases and trends. It also publishes trend reports based on the research for marketers at each partner company to utilize them, and has developed an L.POINT consumption index after signing an MOU with the National Statistical Office and, in combination with data of public agencies, make market predictions, provide the necessary grounds for decision making and support to continuously draw up ideas on ways to increase sales.

  • Marketing platform business

    L.POINT operates various communication channels. They include traditional, offline channels, such as magazines, DM, and coupon books, as well as online and mobile channels. By activating a mobile channel, L.POINT provides real-time benefits tailored to individual customers and presents diverse marketing platforms to support the marketing activities of partner companies. From mobile marketing for small traders and enterprisers to platforms that can trigger interests and excitement for customers, L.POINT strives to become a marketing hub through which partners and customers can grow together.

  • Global membership business

    The L.POINT service has extended its reach beyond Korea, with services being launched in Indonesia in 2013, China in 2014 and Vietnam in 2016, seeking to become a global leader in the world's most effective loyalty programs and customer-centric solutions. Through active partnerships with not only those within the group but also local companies in each nation, partnerships with various industries related to the lives of customers, such as mobile/wireless, finance, and airline industries, are sought to solidify its status as a global leader in the retail industry.

  • business

    To improve online and offline payment experiences by customers, LOTTE Members operates and prepares to take a leap as the most convenient and fastest mobile simple payment platform. It maintains more than 100,000 member stores in a vast array of industries related to the lifestyles of customers that include shopping, restaurants, travel, rental car, theme park and hotel, with plans for expansion to many more industries in the future. In addition, through the combination of new technologies such as Wave (payment system that uses sound waves) and FIDO (Fast Identity Online). It aims to continuously improve customer convenience in usage and create synergy by organically linking with more than 39 million L.POINT members.