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We cherish our heartwarming and genuine affection for customer satisfaction.
The spirit of LOTTE Hotel is the "loving hearts of customers."


About US


Leading Global Chain of Hotels & Resorts LOTTE Hotel is a domestically-owned brand hotel that pays no royalties to any overseas companies and, through continuous growth since its establishment in 1979, has become the nation's largest hotel chain, managing more than 5,000 rooms at its main Seoul, LOTTE World, Jeju, Ulsan, and Busan branches, as well as branches in other major cities nationwide.

It currently operates Signiel Seoul, the highest-grade hotel; five-star LOTTE Hotels & Resorts; L7, a lifestyle hotel; LOTTE City Hotel, a premium business hotel; LOTTE Resort; and several golf courses. Through its top-of-the-line facilities and services, it has come to be highly praised by countless numbers of foreign VIP customers as it strives to position itself as one of the world's greatest hoteliers. It has a history of being named as an official hotel brand for various global sporting events, including the 1988 Seoul Olympics, 2002 FIFA Korea Japan World Cup, and 2002 Busan Asian Games, demonstrating how it is widely recognized as the country's leading hotel chain.

By launching the lifestyle hotel brand, "L7," in 2016 and the luxury hotel brand, "Signiel," in 2017, LOTTE Hotel leads Korean hotel trends and continues to innovate its rooms and facilities through, for example, the renovation of all its rooms in LOTTE Hotel Seoul's new building in 2017. After establishing a hotel in Moscow, Russia, the first Korean premium hotel to do so, it has opened and operates 5-star hotels in Hanoi, New York, and Guam, as well as its premium business hotels, known as LOTTE City Hotels, in Mapo, Seoul, and Gimpo International Airport. With plans to open additional L7 Hotels in the Gangnam and Hongdae area, it will continue to expand its overseas hotel network and grow into a leading Asia-based global hotel chain.

  • CEOKim taehong
  • Date of foundation1973.5.5
  • Major BusinessRestaurant and tourist accommodation business
  • Address30, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Phone(+82)-2-771-1000

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  • History of LOTTE Hotel

    Established as the country's first-ever private hotel, "Bando Hotel," which opened in 1938, and officially founded in 1973, LOTTE Hotel has grown into Korea's top hotel and resorts group with world-class competitiveness, thanks to the love and support shown from its customers.

  • LOTTE Hotel's services

    For customers who seek a balanced lifestyle and understand the value of dignity, we prepare comfortable rooms with a sophisticated and modern vibe and services with thoughtful consideration. Experience the services of LOTTE Hotel, a global hotel and resort leader that provides sensual Haute Cuisine and diverse experiences.