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Tourism/Service/Finance LOTTE Welfare Foundation

Sharing kindness and warmth for our less fortunate neighbors in need


About US


Warm hearts refreshing the world LOTTE Welfare Foundation was founded in August 1994 by Shin Kyuk-ho, founder of LOTTE Group, who once said, "We should not make foreign workers return home filled with sorrow; we should conduct business backed by their assistance." In the early stages of the foundation, it mainly conducted activities such as support for foreign workers that suffered from industrial accidents, free medical clinic assistance and other medical support, and assistance for underfed children and single-parent families.

Today, it has expanded its sharing projects in many directions, including activities to support the disabled with living and vocational rehabilitation facilities, assist neglected classes such as senior citizens living alone and single mothers, and provide cultural experiences.

  • Chairman of directorsLee seounghoon
  • Date of foundation1994.8.29
  • Major BusinessSocial welfare business
  • Address26F, LOTTE Bldg., Namdaemun-ro, 81-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Phone(+82)-2-726-4582

Major products and services


  • Support for the disabled

    Support for vocational rehabilitation facilities and community life facilities for the disabled, auxiliary devices for the disabled, and cultural experiences

  • Support for neglected classes

    Pleasure Boxes and Food Market Support

  • Support for foreign workers

    Free medical clinics and national holiday events for foreign workers