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Chemical/Construction/Manufacturing LOTTE INEOS Chemical

LOTTE INEOS Chemical has leapt past being Asia's top chemical company to become the world's best.


About US


Asia Top-tier
Acetyls Company
LOTTE INEOS Chemical was founded in 1989 through a joint venture agreement with BP in the United Kingdom, and it has been a pioneer in the development and history of the Korean chemical industry. LOTTE INEOS Chemical is the only company in Korea that produces acetic acid and vinyl acetate (VAM), high value-added fine chemicals, and supplies basic raw materials for domestic and foreign chemical industries.

LOTTE INEOS Chemicalis strengthening its core competitive advantages by ensuring safety in its plant, operating stably , constantly pursuing innovative activities, and building an organizational culture dedicated to performance based on its flexible and efficient work environment.
In addition, LOTTE INEOS Chemical will further develop itself into a top-tier Asian acetyls company through its steady growth and excellent cost competitiveness.

  • CEOSeung Won Chung and Tak Yong Lee
  • Date of foundation1989.07.13
  • Major BusinessAcetic acid, VAM, and hydrogen
  • AddressUlsan Plant: 63-15, Sanggae-ro Cheongnyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan
  • Phone(+82)-52-279-1100

Major products and services


  • Acetic acid

    Acetic acid is a colorless liquid with the same chemical properties as vinegar and it is produced by a natural fermentation process. Acetic acid with a purity of 99% or higher is called "glacial acetic acid" because it becomes a solid, the state of ice, at low room temperatures. Acetic acid is a basic chemical product in fields related to electronic materials and fine chemicals, and it is widely used for multiple purposes. Therefore, acetic acid is closely connected with the necessities of life.

  • VAM

    Vinyl acetate is produced mainly from acetic acid, and its main uses are in the high-tech industries in such products as photovoltaic materials and industrial films, and high value-added products such as high-performance foaming agents, paints, packaging materials, and adhesives. Products using vinyl acetate as a raw material are harmless to the human body and they are environmentally friendly. They also have high functionality and are used as high-performance insulating materials (building materials).

  • Hydrogen

    Hydrogen is widely used as a base material for the refining and desulfurization processes of crude oil, and is also used as a raw material for chemical products and processing gasses in chemical plants. In addition, it is garnering a lot of attention as an potentially important source of renewable energy going into the future, for things such as hydrogen vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells, and also for being an environmentally-friendly raw materials that contributes to environmental safety.


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Ulsan plant 63-15, Sanggae-ro Cheongnyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan (44987) (+82)-52-279-1100
Seoul Office 8F, West Wing, Mirae Asset Center One Building, 26, Eulji-ro 5-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul (04539) (+82)-2-6363-7700