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Chemical/Construction/Manufacturing KP ChemTech

A company unafraid of taking on new challenges, KP ChemTech is by your side to create new value


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A company unafraid of taking on challenges to create new value A manufacturer of superior-quality polyester, nylon resins, and yarns, KP ChemTech became a member of the LOTTE family in 2004 and produces polyester and nylon resins and yarns from its manufacturing facilities inside the Ulsan Petrochemical Complex.

PTA, a raw material of polyester, as well as MEG, are supplied through a pipeline from its affiliate, LOTTE Chemical, to produce PET resins and yarns that have secured outstanding quality and competitiveness in unit production cost. APROLACTAM, a raw material of nylon, is also supplied through a pipeline from Hankook Capro Co. (HCC) located within the Ulsan Petrochemical Complex.

Thanks to a system that manufactures nylon resin and yarns, KP enjoys outstanding cost competitiveness and is widely recognized for its marketability around the globe.
As a corporation specializing in PET materials and nylon that competes with world-renowned companies in the same industry, KP ChemTech​ aims to not only maximize profits through cost reduction and an enhanced operating rate, but also improve corporate transparency and creativity. Under the goal to become the "World's No. 1 company that leads new technology in engineering plastic," KP ChemTech strives to further develop its advanced technology and maintain excellent quality.

  • CEOPark Seong Pil
  • Date of foundation1967.4.3
  • Major BusinessSynthetic resins, synthetic textiles, by-products
  • Address199, Sapyeong-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan
  • Phone(+82)-52-178-3900

Major products and services


  • Major products

    N. resin-SD / FILM, ENPLA. / P. resin-S.BRT, FILM, SD. / N. yarn-FN,SDY. / P. yarn-POY, FDY. / technical-IDY


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Headquarters 119, Sapyeong-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan (+82)-52-278-3900