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Retail LOTTE Super

"Fresh products, friendly neighbors"
LOTTE Super contributes to a better quality of life through fresh, dependable products


About US


Korea's No. 1 supermarket that solves the worries of working moms on their way home Lotte Super is targeting Hyper Local's representative industry. As a customer-centric distribution channel based on near-field business, we are always with customer. Under the vision of "Korea's No. 1 Supermarket that solves the life concerns of working mothers on their way home from work," we are constantly striving to satisfy customers with various products and services.

In order to propose "trust-based" products that customers can purchase with confidence, we are strengthening fresh food centered on eco-friendly, premium, antibiotic-free, and smart farm crops. In addition, we are striving to specialize and differentiate new products by strengthening the fastest introduction of new products and the development of NPB and PB with excellent cost-effectiveness.
It is a purpose-built purchasing channel that replaces "meal preparation" and "household labor" of working mothers, and it provides a variety of customer experiences by continuously expanding Delica products to solve all the meals.

  • Date of foundation2001.5.16
  • Major BusinessSupermarket
  • Address3F-4F, LOTTE Castle Gold, 269, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
  • Phone(+82)-2-2290-5600

Major products and services


  • consistent top-quality fresh food

    It operates brands such as high-sugar premium fruit "Real Honey," fresh food "Nong-ga uie mac" and smart farm crops "Nae-il nongjang" and provides high-quality fresh food at Lotte Super. Through our rigorous quality control standards, our Re-Open campaign at 5 p.m. every day is the freshest for our customers.

  • PB&Delica Specialization

    Based on brands such as "Only Price", "Cooking", and "Choice L", we are developing and operating various cost-effective PB and NPB products. In addition, we continue to develop and propose differentiated Delica products based on our own recipe so that we can solve them easily without worrying about one meal.

  • Practice of Sustainable Management

    Practice ESG management for sustainable growth. It is contributing to carbon emissions and greenhouse gas reduction by introducing eco-friendly electric vehicles, food processors, and solar facilities. In addition, we practice win-win management with small-capital SMEs through farm and startup support programs, and strive for transparent management through the establishment of a compliance management system and regular education.